Oxford: City of Innovation

Already a world-renowned centre for research excellence, the “Oxford Boom” is driving the tech cluster towards becoming one of Europe’s leading centres for entrepreneurship and innovation.


Global Impact From Oxford

Throughout its 800 year history, Oxford’s innovation story has been one of countless scientific discoveries, technological advancements, and research that has changed the world.


Working with Investors

Fostering strong bonds with the investment community in order to give spinouts the funding required to both get off the ground and effectively scale up is a central focus for Oxford University Innovation (OUI).


Oxentia – Innovation Management Consultancy

Looking ahead, Oxentia plans to develop its training and service offerings to satisfy global demand for technology transfer and innovation. 2018 will see an expansion in Oxentia’s accredited technology transfer course offerings


Networks: It’s Not What You Know…

We run networking events throughout the year both within the University and externally, sometimes partnering with other organisations to raise awareness about innovation, investment and opportunities to collaborate with Oxford.

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